Saturday, February 28, 2009

I got an email from Jack Lalanne!

Okay, it wasn't directly from him. And...I don't know if he was even aware of my email. BUT, it came from his company and contained a LaLannism customized just for me!

Anybody who knows me knows that I love Jack LaLanne. Which is crazy because of course if he was younger...or I was older...and we both were not married...well, I would be too fat for him anyway, haha. It's like someone who smells chronically of wet dog being in love with the president of the We Hate Everyone Who Smells Like Wet Dog Association.

I had sent him an email a while back, explaining how he was the inspiration for me becoming a raw fooder, how I had already lost 30 pounds and was going for the next 30. I gushed about how much I loved him - even more than Obama Girl loves Obama, lol. I asked when I got to 145 pounds if he would consider having a short chat with me and my members who are following along.

Well, I got an answer today. The email was signed "BeFit Enterprises" - no name. It didn't say yes, but it didn't exactly say no either! It said when I got to 145 I could contact them again, but of course Jack. LaLanne is very busy. I totally understand that, he's one of the hardest working guys out there - literally. Plus I'm sure they want to protect him from crazy women like me.

Oh and it also said "Anything in Life is Possible and YOU Make it Happen!" That's a LaLannism...and it was customized just for me because usually it says "IF" you can make it happen. :)

Hec, I'll even be happy when I make it to 145 pounds and just get an email that is signed "Jack LaLanne!" I think I would frame it!

Anyway, wanted to share the latest crazy little Jack-induced impulse. I'm sure they think I'm nuts, haha.

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