Sunday, February 22, 2009

Australia, Diabetes, and Mankinis...Oh My!

I was surfing one day on YouTube and ran into Graham's channel. At that time he was a 500-pound Australian who gained popularity on YouTube running around in a mankini and giving free hugs. Who could help but love him!? Hey, I wanted a free hug too!

I was pleasantly surprised to find he had subscribed to my channel and was interested in what I was doing. Wow! What an honor because he had become an inspiration to ME.

Graham was diagnosed with diabetes recently. He also realized that if an alien from outer space came after him, he was too out of shape to run away! What's a cuddly Aussie to do? He decided to take baby steps toward his goal. Anything was better than nothing.

On January 1st he started his fitness regimen. He was only able to walk around a small rose garden, and had to stop for rests. He had a really hard time sitting down and getting up from benches.

Just 22 days later, he posted a blog, and the difference is AMAZING. He's walking around the whole park, even doing short sprints, and gets up and down with no problem now.

He's stronger! He's fitter! And he's got a scary haircut! Check it out, I'll post the video below. Make sure and watch to the end to hear his song and see this cuddly man go warrior. Check out his channel:

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