Saturday, February 7, 2009

I wanted to post this video of "Mike." He describes himself and his wife as "2 OLD Surf Bums Gone bad.....Sad to see what happens when the old longboard ain't long enough anymore, when wax won't keep ya from slipping, when that water just seems a bit TOO COLD to bother with. Yep, OLD age......2 Cats, both fat and lazy. Crap, maybe we do look like our pets after all?"

Mike doesn't have diabetes, but he deals with chronic issues too. He's also a "regular" guy who kind of fell into juicing. He started it out of boredom, wanting to see what it tasted like. Now he's juiced about every day since. He hasn't had a beer in two months, lost 16 pounds, and has gone from 21 medications to one.

I just like this video.

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