Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Belated BMI calculator dance

I forgot to have a party when my BMI went down. I really never gave it a lot of thought until today when I entered my weight into a BMI calculator. So I'm doing it now!


Here are the facts friend:

  • My ideal weight is between 114.6 - 154.9. My ideal BMI is under 25
  • At my highest I weighed 280. My BMI was 45.2 or extremely obese.
  • I got down to 205 for many years. My BMI was 33.1 or obese.
  • After juice and raw foods I got down to 175, my current weight. My BMI is 28.2 or overweight. Overweight! Never thought I would be so excited being called overweight, haha.
Want use a BMI calculator? Go here: BMI calculator

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