Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Omygawsh...what an inspiration!!

Over a year ago I started to follow a girl named Gayle on YouTube. She was starting to do Alli pills like me.

In her videos she was funny, bubbly, and would do crazy things. The first video I saw, she had done a little silly dance and then jumped fully-clothed into her swimming pool. I can't find that one. She must have deleted it. So I have to show you the second video I watched Gayle in:

She lost weight with Alli - but then she gained it back and then some! She tried everything - Kangoo jumps, long-distance walks, personal training, organic healthy eating. She even got into the running for The Biggest Loser - and was in a Biggest Loser commercial. In spite of her perseverance she would lose weight and then gain more back. To see more of her videos go here:

In the meantime I started eating raw food and lost my first 30 pounds. During that time Gayle had gone silent. She was depressed from not making it onto the Biggest Loser show, feeling it was her only chance to lose weight. She was also dealing with negative attitudes from people around her. She would be trying to psyche herself up on the video and then someone would call her a fat ass or something else rude.

She posted again in August of last year. She said she felt like a hypocrite because she would start and fail and start and fail. I was able to relate to that because I had to try a million things before I found something that worked for me. At this time she was going to try Weight Watchers, the old tried and true.

On November 2, she recommitted again and started to do Body for Life and doing a home fitness weight loss program.

Later in November, Gayle decided she needed to find a gym. She wanted a gym that would "kick her ass." So she did a Google search and found a gym with a "funny" name called Compound Crossfit that had pictures of people getting their asses kicked, haha.

She called them and asked if they would train a fat person haha. They said yes. They invited her to come for 3 free sessions. She decided to go although she knew couldn't afford the $150 a month for membership.

That Monday she reported back to her YouTube members. She had gone to the class, and had her ass kicked but she she wasn't sore. She wasn't sure how effective it was. Plus she was upset because they had told her she would get 3 free classes. But at the end of the class they started to talk about money.

She asked if she could sign up for a month because she couldn't afford it with the economy the way it was. They said no, they only did 6-month contracts. However, they told her she could do drop-in classes for $20 each. In this video said she was just going to do it herself then.

I don't know what happened. She never explained, but suddenly she's posting videos about how much she loves CrossFit and everyone should be doing it. The pounds were just melting off of her.

Here is a pic she shared of when she started CrossFit:

Then the videos kept coming. Suddenly she is doing rope ladder climbs, push-ups, olympic weight lifting, etc.

Then she posted this video. Fellow crossfitters had invited her to do a 6 mile run. She was nervous because she didn't think she could do it. CrossFit workouts aren't that long and she didn't think she was conditioned enough. Amazingly she did it without stopping and didn't WANT to stop! Her reaction is priceless. Watch the video. Plus, she's beginning to look like a whole different person.

Okay so that started to really get my attention. While my diet rocks. My exercise part does not so I've been trying to find something to get this stubborn fat off.

Then she posts this video. Check it out! She does pull-ups! Her belly is GONE. She has lost at least 65 pounds!

So I can't afford the $150 myself...but I've looked into CrossFit and find there are a lot of people doing it at home. CrossFit is actually a website that posts a "Workout of the Day." And gyms and individuals do the workout, or a scaled down version for newbies. Then people can share with others how they did.

So, I'm going to start the 12-week beginner program and see how it works! Maybe I need a drill sergeant and will end up going to a gym. But I'll try it on my own first...and maybe try to hook up with other home crossfitters.

I started a free community site on Ning if anyone wants to try it. I tried to compile links and organize the CrossFit info for beginners. I'm going to start it on Monday. My sister and a couple neighbords might try it too and post their workout logs online. If any of you are interested, the site is at:

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