Thursday, January 29, 2009

My medicine is trying to kill me?

On, someone posted a question about why insulin causes you to gain weight. I read it's because it signals for fat retention and carb cravings.

However, it reminded me I had a similar problem with metformin - my oral diabetes medicine. When I did the green juice and was eating 100% raw, my carb cravings went completely away. I mean, I looked at a hamburger bun, a roll, a donut, and actually was turned off.

I restarted this oral medicine because I wanted to eat fruit again. I missed fruit. Immediately after I restarted the metformin, I got INTENSE constant carb cravings. I wanted Twinkies, donuts, bread crackers.

My diabetes medicine...which is supposed to help by body combat the ill-effects of too many carbs, actually causes me to crave carbs?



  1. comes my conspiracy side....hmmm, maybe they WANT us to crave carbs. lol

  2. I'm not taking any medication, but I've been able to keep my morning glucose between 90-115 while eating LOTS of fruit! I have a huge fruit salad every day - 2 bananas, an apple, an orange, 1 cup of mixed berries, 1T of raisins and 1T of dried gogi berries. Love the mixture of tastes and textures.

  3. Rindy, thanks for commenting on my blog! I tried to find a "follow this blog" link on your blog, but couldn't find one.

    You said you eat tons of fruit! And it doesn't effect your blood sugars very much? They do a number on mine, hope I get to the point where I can eat a lot more fruit.

  4. I also take Metformin but don't have the carb cravings you have. When I eat, I am sure to eat my protein first, then my veggies, then my carbs...if I have room:) Fruit is very high in carbs except for berries, so I am sure to fill up on blueberries, strawberries, etc.. Remember, there's no such thing as watermelonberries...ha...ha!

  5. Awwww darn....watermelonberries sound good too!!!

    I make sure and try to eat in the order u suggested and see if that helps!

  6. If insulin causes to gain weight, then is it not dangerous because you are tempted to eat more.